We glorify nature...

We take advantage of what Mother Nature offers, and source the finest ingredients – directly. This means, there are no middle-men. It is an important part of our business to support local and non-local farmers and small business food producers. Because we make our own recipes this allows us to create great natural ice cream from scratch, without the use of pre-mixed powders. When and wherever possible, we source our ingredients locally, starting with our fresh milk from local grass-fed cows

We emphasize quality...

Artisanal ice cream making requires special knowledge about how to balance your own recipes, and use specialized equipment to pasteurize, homogenize and freeze the ice cream. These processes however, are nothing without the proper ingredients in place. Quality in sourcing the best natural ingredients is an essential part of what we do. This starts with the soil: healthy cows need to eat healthy grass from healthy soil. Only the highest quality milk can produce truly premium ice cream.

To maintain maximum freshness, temperature, texture and hygiene, we keep each flavour covered under a pozzeti, so that you can enjoy our carefully made product the way it was meant to be.

...not chemistry

We do not use pre-packaged ice cream mixes which are sadly ever so common. Neither do we use any chemical stabilizers, emulsifiers, artificial colourings, aromas or other flavour enhancers. We let nature do the talking. Last but certainly not least, we do not believe in long-life ultra-high pasteurized UHT-Milk.

...not convenience

Conventional ice cream making focuses on using low-quality convenience products to achieve a quick profit. These pre-packaged industrial powders contain chemicals, synthetic ingredients and artificial colourings to generate a frozen product which resembles fresh ice cream.

We stay true...

We are a family run business and we are open about who we are, what we do, and what we put into our product. If you are unsure about anything, just ask! Our motto is simple: stay true! Stay true to Mother Nature, by using the best ingredients she has to offer, stay true to producers and farmers by making an impact and supporting small businesses, stay true to ourselves by making a product which we believe in, and stay true to you, the customer by creating an unforgettable taste experience.

...and don't conform

We are ice cream rebels and do things differently. Back to the roots. We do not conform to the most popular methods for ice cream making nor do we conform to using the cheapest ingredients possible. We are not a large-scale, corporate or anonymous company focused on quick short term profits. Quality comes first.

Munich's first and only truly artisan ice cream // since 2014 //

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