True stands for transparency and authenticity, which are the attitudes we value most and which is also what allows us to bring you 12 true, fresh, and handmade flavours daily - made from scratch - starting with local milk from grass-fed cows. We believe that offering any more than 12 flavours would not allow us to control freshness or innovation.  

And because we design, control and adapt all of our own recipes, our ice cream shines and has its own personality, while allowing us to be creative and unique in the industry. Our ice creams have a uniquely smooth and creamy consistency, a dense texture, followed by a rich and intense natural flavour and clean finish. You won’t find another ice cream quite like this one, anywhere else.

Making ice cream this way requires a lot more work, an almost insane level of commitment and a deep knowledge of ice cream science - but we believe it is worth it.

What's True & Why 12

artisan ice cream in Munich made from fresh, organic milk of grass fed cows
Handmade Eis in München aus frische Bio Lokale Weidemilch
ice cream consulting by gelato maker Rony Utz. For more information please contact us via our website


True artisan ice cream making is a labour of love.

Our Ice Cream is Based on Relationships - and essentially consists of 4 parts:


Our production starts with the sourcing of premium ingredients. Wherever and whenever possible, we source locally and directly. For exotic ingredients, such as our Madagascan or Ecuadorian vanilla beans, we source directly and ensure that the products are fairly traded. Supporting producers and farmers is central to our motto of staying true. We are continually searching for new ingredients and allow ourselves to be inspired by our travels. 

Behind every scoop of our truly artisan ice cream is a dedicated member of a small and sincere community of growers, makers, producers, customers as well as members of our very own team. A truly sustainable food system starts locally and is shaped by community. We strive to connect the producer to the eater. We believe that truly great quality ice cream starts with truly great quality ingredients. 

One of our most valued ingredients however, is our farm fresh milk which we source directly from a local dairy farm who allows their cows to roam the pasture.

Then, we refine (or, balance) our very own recipes until the point of perfection. This involves a lot of math, and a lot of trial and error but it allows us to stay innovative and create countless seasonal flavors. We refuse to use pre-mixed industrial bases, ice cream powders or manufacturing short-cuts. We take the scenic route, as we are convinced that this is the only way to attain ice cream perfection.

Then, our ice cream goes through a pasteurization, homogenization and aging process before it is churned and frozen. Why is this important? Because through the pasteurizing and aging process, all the ingredients melt into one homogenous mixture and the flavours of the basic ingredients become more pronounced. Conventional ice cream making focuses on a cold process, which freezes a pre-prepared powder mix into ice cream within minutes.

The last stage of our production has more to do with you than with us. Hey, have we told you how much we appreciate you? Because we do! And we are not satisfied until you are, which is why this last stage – serving and sharing our ice cream - is so important to our overall production. We approach our ice cream making kind of like we approach life: a journey to enjoy, always learning, always evolving, and always striving to stay true.

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True & 12 is one of the only gelaterias in Germany which makes its own nut pastes
True & 12 is one of the only ice cream shops in Germany which makes its own nut pastes


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We source all of our ingredients directly. Our Pistachios come from the volcanic foothills of Mount Etna in Sicily and our Hazelnuts come from the gorgeous Langhe Valley in Italy's northern Piedmont region. We buy them whole, roast them ourselves and then use a special machine to create a fine paste to use with our ice cream base. It is indeed the freshest Hazelnut ice cream in town: from nut to cone! TRULY ARTISAN

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