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Peach-Basil Sorbet

Updated: Apr 19, 2021

It’s peach season! and right now, they are absolutely glorious.

Juicy, sweet and perfectly aromatic. Packed with vitamins, iron and antioxidants, they are a healthy summer treat which also happen to make a perfect sorbet base.

We picked up a few kilos from our trusted supplier and spent our Friday evening pitting, peeling and slicing them one by one. Our ice creams are a true labor of love!

We’ve complimented their delicate taste with some fresh basil… it’s what we call a match made in heaven

And in case you are curious about our truest and newest flavour, here are some interesting ingredient facts:

Natural compounds known as lactones, are what award PEACHES with their beautiful flavour. The same compound also gives coconut its fine aroma. Peach is a popular note in white wines, and is harmonious with many other ingredients: such as basil! Back in time, peaches were also referred to as Persian Apples, which is precisely where they originated from and how they reached the New World. Today, there are hundreds of different varieties of peaches. Like all things in our kitchen, we use only fresh peaches. Nothing canned! (Consequently, we have mastered the science of peeling, pitting and cutting a lot of peaches…)

Now BASIL on the other hand, is home to the aromatic herbal genus family ocimum – also related to mint – which most likely originated in Africa and was domesticated in India! It may be no surprise that Basil was a common friend to both the Greeks and the Romans, which would explain how and why something like pesto originated and became popular in Liguria, for example!

Basil’s flavour is affected by several factors: not just the variety but also the time at which it is harvested and the conditions under which it’s grown. There are actually close to 200 different varieties of Basil, all of which present unique flavour notes: take cinnamon-basil or purple-basil as examples! (yes, really!) and like most herbs, basil is actually very good for you! We use a common sweet basil which has beautiful notes of clove, cinnamon, anise and tarragon, and of course never dried but only fresh!

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