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Truly Craft Chocolate

We have news!

Our years as artisan ice cream makers, being devoted to the process... the ethical and personally-nurtured supply chain which has always been at the heart of what we do... has led us to our next adventure. Chocolate.

But not just any chocolate: bean to bar chocolate.

Truly is authentic, honest, handcrafted chocolate made with just two ingredients: single origin cacao beans and certified o. cane sugar.

(We do not even add extra cacao butter, never mind vanilla and lecithin's and emulsifiers, all of which we leave out! our chocolate is GMO free and naturally vegan!)

Our passion lies in the process. As with our ice cream, we are involved in every single step, from sourcing beans consciously and ethically around the world, to hand sorting the harvest, roasting, cracking, winnowing, and stone grinding the beans over to hand wrapping each individual bar – done with dedication in our small kitchen just outside of Munich.

Our experience as ice cream makers has influenced the way we now approach the craft of chocolate making - which is not simply the manufacturing of an end product but the nurturing of a supply chain, supporting the source (cacao farmers) and respecting the ingredients by using them in such a way that we can prove the magic that IS the diversity of craft chocolate in our bars, so that you as the consumer can know why fine cacao is worth saving!

We want craft chocolate to have less pomp and more circumstance. Similar to wine making and tasting, cacao beans have complex characteristics and nuances, depending on where they are grown and fermented and under which conditions. Once we receive the fermented beans, the opportunities for unique flavors flourish through adjusting roasting profiles or conching times. This is the exciting part of chocolate making for us and this part of the journey is where we see room for innovation and growth. It is exciting to taste all the different flavors that can come from just one little bean. We want to share this flavor journey with all of you, and make it enjoyable and fun.

Pop over to our website (which is still in the making) via

Our online shop is seasonal! because of the warm temperatures in the summer months, we will NOT be selling chocolate online after the Spring. Currently we are selling and shipping to cold climates only. Should you live somewhere fabulously warm, send us an email. For a small fee we can ship your chocolate securely with thermopacks.

And stay tuned to our social media channels:


in the near future we will run a week-long POP UP at True & 12 for our chocolate bars, which make great gifts for the upcoming holiday season!

Life is short. Eat better chocolate.

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