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Handmade Cinnamon Sugar Waffle Cones

We believe that our handmade-with-lots-of-love artisan ice cream deserves the very best.

We spent months sourcing the best natural ingredients. We spend roughly 12 hours a day preparing our product, 7 days a week. Soooo, we certainly won't be taking any shortcuts on the cones!

For this reason, we offer handmade, hand rolled cinnamon sugar waffle cones which we bake fresh & hand roll daily.

In addition, we have the most environmentally friendly cup in town: an edible waffle cup (made of the same batter) (and yes, the spoon you need to enjoy it with is also compostable)

Or if you fancy, just a small treat: a little rounder "Wafer" biscuit for just 50 cents extra

And yes: we have gluten-free cones too! (but please note that our production is NOT gluten free! cross contamination can and does occur) Gluten Free cones Homemade Cones or

Edible Waffle Cup all 1 euro extra little round Wafer, + 50 cent

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