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small batch: the scenic route

True artisan ice cream making is a labour of love.

the industry for pre-fab ingredients is huge. There are countless bags of flavours just waiting to be mixed with water or UHT Milk and BOOM 20 minutes later, you have your ice cream ready to go. There are also countless pastes, from nut pastes to vaseline-looking-things which supposedly make the ice cream "creamy".

And of course, as we know, there are many benefits to convenience products: mostly you save a ton of time! but for ice cream, you also have the advantage of being to hire just about anyone to make the product for you. The instructions for dosing powders and liquids are all on the bag.

When deciding on what and how to do ice cream differently, we knew it was a no-brainer to be one of the few who would make their products from scratch. The way it used to be. The way it really still should be. So we went the INCONVENIENT route. Which means, we are the ones standing in our own ice cream kitchen 7 days a week, making our own product - truly - from scratch. In small batches, to maximize freshness & quality. Because for us, quality is more important than convenience!

Our Ice Cream is Based on Relationships - and essentially consists of 4 parts:

Our production starts with the sourcing of premium ingredients. As consumers, we know a lot of companies say this. But we show you. We have an open kitchen! and we are happy to share our suppliers with you.

Wherever and whenever possible, we source locally and directly. For exotic ingredients, such as our Madagascan or Ecuadorian vanilla beans, we source directly and ensure that the products are fairly traded. Supporting producers and farmers is central to our motto of staying true. We are continually searching for new ingredients and allow ourselves to be inspired by our travels.

Behind every scoop of our truly artisan ice cream is a dedicated member of a small and sincere community of growers, makers, producers, customers as well as members of our very own team. A truly sustainable food system starts locally and is shaped by community. We strive to connect the producer to the eater. We believe that truly great quality ice cream starts with truly great quality ingredients.

Then, we refine (or, balance) our very own recipes until the point of perfection. This involves a lot of math, and a lot of trial and error but it allows us to stay innovative and create countless seasonal flavors. We refuse to use pre-mixed industrial bases, ice cream powders or manufacturing short-cuts. We take the scenic route. Then, our ice cream goes through a pasteurization, homogenization and ageing process before it is churned and frozen. Why is this important? Because through the pasteurizing and ageing process, all the ingredients melt into one homogenous mixture and the flavours of the basic ingredients become more pronounced. Conventional ice cream making focuses on a cold process, which freezes a pre-prepared powder mix into ice cream within minutes.

The last stage of our production has more to do with you than with us. We are not really satisfied until you are, which is why this last stage – serving and sharing our ice cream - is so important to our overall production.

We approach our ice cream making kind of like we approach life: a journey to enjoy, always learning, always evolving, and always striving to stay true.

pictured: us making our very own hazelnut paste out of whole hazelnuts, which we buy directly from a family farm in Piedmonte Northern Italy. Find out more here

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